object-oriented development

object-oriented development
развитие, преследующее одну определённую цель

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  • Object-Oriented Programming in Common Lisp: A Programmer's Guide to CLOS — (1988, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0 201 17589 4) is a book by Sonya Keene on the Common Lisp Object System. Published first in 1988, the book starts out with the elements of CLOS and develops through the concepts of data abstraction with classes and… …   Wikipedia

  • Object Oriented System Analysis — (OOSA) ist eine der früh im Softwareentwurf eingesetzten Modellierungssprachen und wurde von Sally Shlaer und Stephen Mellor entwickelt. Sie enthält eine Vielzahl von Diagrammarten, um die Funktionalität und Struktur von Softwaresystemen zu… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Object-oriented operating system — An object oriented operating system is an operating system which internally uses object oriented methodologies. An object oriented operating system is in contrast to an object oriented user interface or programming framework, which can be placed… …   Wikipedia

  • Object-oriented user interface — In computing an object oriented user interface (OOUI) is a type of user interface based on an object oriented programming metaphor. In an OOUI, the user interacts explicitly with objects that represent entities in the domain that the application… …   Wikipedia

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  • object-oriented programming —    Abbreviated OOP. A programming model that views a program as a set of self contained objects.    These objects interact with other objects by passing messages. Object oriented programming also lets you create procedures that work with objects… …   Dictionary of networking

  • GRASP (Object Oriented Design) — GRASP stands for General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns (or sometimes Principles). It is used in object oriented design, and gives guidelines for assigning responsibility to classes and objects.Examples of different… …   Wikipedia


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